Summer season is here and the Premier team is in launch mode. I have always noticed that improvement in the weather has a way of creating excitement and usually leads to positive changes in the workplace.After a long return from North Eastern Europe we have gained significant knowledge and new findings in the future of how we will do business and build brands. Even more exciting is the large shipment of Clique Vodka on its way from Latvia and the anticipation of the Pennsylvania launch. Faded Industry Entertainment is diligently working along with the Primo Design team and Barbaro Studios to perfect the commercial advertising imagery and mold our creative portfolio. Our sales team is ramping up its programs, vigilant in developing foothold in the marketplace through cultivating great relationships in the service industry. Our business is operating in the strong culture and integrity that its foundation was set up for. The time for hard work is here and Premier Innovations Group is a well oiled machine.

Next month the launch is inevitable and we would like to invite you to be aware and involved in our events and developments. Again we would like to encourage you to buy our products because of the tremendous value and quality they boast in the marketplace.

Many new employment based opportunities are on the horizon. Our human resources department is busy with all of the new interested candidates and we intend to find the right fits for our business. We extend our hands to your employment inquiries and ask for your persistence and patience.

As the Latvians say, “Paldius” (Thank You) for visiting today and we look forward to your participation in the pursuit of greatness together. The Premier family would like to wish you a great and safe summer season and we again remind you to Drink Intelligently.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (