Summer Shipment Arrival

It is definitely an exciting time here at Premier Innovations Group and we are in full swing of the summer season. The Blawnox, PA warehouse has received around 500 cases of Clique vodka. Now 78 state wine and spirits stores throughout PA focused aggressively in Allegheny County will be stocked. Several of these stores are also in Butler, Washington, Beaver and Lawrence Counties. We have worked long and hard to get to where we are. I remember three and a half years ago when it was a dream that I shared with the team for us to be selling on the PA state store shelves and now it is a reality.

We are proud of our team and encourage you to get involved. At a minimum pick up a bottle of Clique Vodka and try what we are so proud of. A great quality product with solid aggressive packaging providing a great value. The private launch party for Clique will be July 13th at the Pittsburgh PPG Aquarium. Faded Industry Ent has been carefully planning the launches and the tastings. Let the events begin and the good times roll. Lets work hard and play hard. We also anticipate the arrival of Don Pantaleon Tequila to the state of Pa stores in mid July also, and I will leave for some cultural journeys to Mexico once again next week.

Again we encourage you to drink Clique intelligently and have fun doing so.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (