Significant Growth

The changing of seasons always reminds me of how change is such an important part of life and business. It reminds us that just like the seasons, industry, and the economic climate change, so must a business as multifaceted, departmentalized and structured as Premier. We must be proactive everyday. The last two months were significant growth months where we implemented many new programs and redefined and changed old programs as we now watch how they translate to the ever so changing market place in the global spirits world.

New product sales have been strong coming up towards our last quarter of 2010. We have used Clique vodka to sponsor wonderful events including many charity events and big business functions. Our Don Pantaleon tequila has also been involved and sales are starting to pick up heavily. The positive impact and response is a good foreshadowing of are future successes we will have in this industry.

The customers whether it be service industry or consumer, are seeing the value of our products. This is such a key point to creating permanent and sustained revenue and was one of my biggest original core values of Premier’s business plan that was drafted over four years ago when this company was founded.

Premier’s near future entails the development of markets outside of Pa with still that strong focus here in PA, the core areas where our in house entertainment event and marketing company Faded Industry Ent hangs their hats.

As we look towards the last quarter we again appreciate all of the support from our team and the new additions and of course we want to thank our consumers. We promise to only deliver our best in an industry that doesn’t seem to feel as strongly about this. Feel free to come in, get involved and inquire.

As I always do I want to remind everyone that we strongly support responsible drinking and we urge you

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (