Holiday Productivity

Here at Premier it is a very busy and productive time for us. The holidays are here once again and our team is staying focused and active during our most exciting and crucial time in the calendar year for our industry. Sales are starting to pick for the holidays and expansion for the new calendar year is being evaluated. Many of our focuses will lie in the development of TN, WV, OH, NV and further in PA for 2011. Our team is working daily on new marketing developments that our truly innovative and will be out for the public throughout the holidays. The inevitable holiday launch of is one of these fine developments that shows the outstanding commitment and heart our team contributes to Premier. Many wonderful events will be sponsored with our products this holiday season and we look forward to the privilege of making the holidays even more special with our outstanding products. This Holiday we feel a strong synergy and connection with a growing network of service industry supporters. We will guarantee that they will be well serviced and taken care of. Their support is leading to greater consumer awareness and more new customers are being encouraged to try our products then ever before.

From Premier we want to wish everyone a happy holidays and may we look forward to memorable times with our friends and families. It is such a great time of year for celebration and of course I want to remind everyone of the amazing quality and value of Premier’s products and invite you to indulge responsibly. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (