Humbled by the Holidays

The holidays were great for Premier and we are humbled by the overwhelming response from so many fans of our quality products Don Pantaleon Tequila and Clique Vodka. We are not surprised because we know that Premier was founded on the culture of creating amazing value in the market place while targeting segmented markets. Companies being able to perfect this concept are so rare in the US. Finding value in our market place is very challenging. What you get for what you pay is value. At Premier it is so apparent that we have provided this value and our customers privately and in the service industry are recognizing it. Our team looks forward to many new financial developments that will improve the expansion and develop faster market penetration in the upcoming months of 2011. Our driving focus is to allow the opportunity for as many people possible all over the US to enjoy our fine products.

We want to recognize our Premier team that expands dramatically everyday and remember the core values of our great business. We also want to recognize our loyal consumers who are the lifeblood of our business. Giving our consumers the best is the key and that’s why we have spent countless hours looking at the development of better quality packaging and imagery for our products so we can provide even more. You can look forward to those changes coming soon. As the CEO of Premier I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful support we receive from all of our contributors. We want encourage everyone again to be smart while drinking our products, to live as well as possible and we want to remind you that “You can have it all!”

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (