Clique Vodka Awarded Silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Clique Vodka brings home Silver Medal in TASTE at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Pittsburgh, PA (May 10, 2012)Clique Vodka has been awarded a Silver Medal for Taste in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, surpassing many other brands in their category. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest, largest and most reputable and recognized competition in the spirits industry. The 2012 Competition was held in San Francisco from March 23-25

“When we formulated Clique Vodka the focus was to have the best value in the marketplace.  Taste was extremely important to us even though our price is much less than most of our competitors that boast similar quality.   This medal is a testament to our incredible value for our consumers,” said Noah Cohen, CEO/Founder Premier Innovations Group

On pallet entry, Clique has a bold creamy flavor reminiscent of Russian vodkas, but has a smooth light sweetness on the finish with no burn to the throat. The formula gives it the components of an imported Eastern European traditional brand with the aftertaste of a crafted, limited batch vodka.

“We are honored to have received such a prestigious award for our product,” said Frank Bachurski, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management. “We are excited to really take this notoriety to the next level with the launch of Clique Vodka’s “Put it 2 the Test” campaign, which showcases Clique Vodka’s quality of taste by pinning us against the world’s leading vodka brands in blind taste tests performed by you, the public.  Expect to hear the name Clique Vodka much more in the future. We are here to shake things up.”

Clique Vodka is intricately crafted in the Baltic region of North Eastern Europe by fine vodka artisans in the country of Latvia. Clique combines Russian production standards of distillation and the highest level of Russian equipment. The natural spring water of the vast Latvian forestry sets Clique apart by enhancing the vodka’s body, texture and smoothness. Clique combines amazing Russian quality and tradition with natural artesian water of Latvia and the finest premium wheat grains grown in Europe. The end result is a product that cannot be matched in quality and smoothness anywhere in the world. With its alternative imagery, Clique vodka boasts an incredible value along with a super premium quality at only $15.99 per bottle.

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