Summer Reflection

The tidings of the summer season bring us into a whirlwind that creates the illusion of time flying by. Outside activities, holiday vacations and excursions consume whatever remains of our diminishing free time.

Here at Premier, we have been accomplishing great summer balance. We have had so many events that have allowed us to get out, relax and enjoy our summer. Even more importantly, we have been accomplishing better communication together in an ever improving effort and focus towards total team performance. Our project is growing the building blocks of a thriving machine with an unprecedented momentum of staggering growth, leading towards an explosive last quarter of 2012.

Many new accomplishments and all different stages of positive undertakings are being recognized in an effort towards becoming a large alcoholic beverage industry purveyor.  Our focus is a path towards corporate excellence, ethics and community outreach while providing incredible value to the lifeblood of our business – our growing customer base.

It is my pleasure to take a minute to step back this summer for our investors, supporters and general consumers and recognize some incredible accomplishments. I could not be  more proud and optimistic about our future even during this unforgiving economy.

Within the last few months we have had some major breakthroughs in our public relations department with the emphasis on two huge wins in the industry. Several months ago we entered our flagship product, Clique Vodka, into the two main international spirits competitions. We were awarded the Silver Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and the Gold Medal in the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, which is the most notable and largest contest in the world. As excited as we are as a team, this does not come as a surprise to me. While formulating the product, we knew Clique Vodka was truly and sincerely amongst the best in the world. In this case, not only do we as a team know we offer a high-quality product, but it is now backed by our industry as well.

As sales grow dramatically in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee, we are excited and prepared for the expansion of Clique Vodka as we grow our distribution partners globally. As I mentioned before, we are in the process of a dramatic face-lift that will be revealed towards the end of the summer at our two year anniversary party.

The last quarter of 2012 shows amazing promise, stemming from the delivery of the new incredible image to Total Wine & More, catapulting us into 16 total states and almost every major city in the United States. We are also very close to finishing the logistics of how we will handle the partnerships in India, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We anticipate the generation of sales in these new territories in the last quarter of 2012 and into 2013.

Positive partnerships and brand alliance relationships have been growing dramatically and we anticipate having more than three new brands for our expanding loyal customer base in 2013. Plans for these brands are already underway and announcements will be posted in the near future giving more details about our powerful portfolio.

The summer season is a time of outdoor play and great holiday celebrations. Our countries independence day as well as other summer holidays are known as the most amazing times to have a refreshing cocktail while relaxing with the people who matter most. As the CEO of a company that is on the forefront of the development of a global portfolio of value alcoholic beverage brands, I am no stranger to the dangers of irresponsible over consummation. The summer heat alone creates even greater concerns to a consumer looking to enjoy in our fine beverages. For this industry to remain respectable and act with integrity for our country, I want to do as I always do, and remind everyone to be responsible when drinking our exceptional products. Please enjoy Clique intelligently and drink Don carefully this summer.

Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO / Founder Premier Innovations Group