Message from the CEO

First Quarter Strong Momentum/Growth

As the grueling East Coast weather has finally settled down, we find ourselves building a strong momentum of growth once again. The second quarter boasts amazing potential, as we focus on relentless execution of our 2014 goals that we set in our late December holiday party.

We have experienced an incredible quarter and are on track to accomplish our goals. The beauty of these wins is that they change the business dramatically and permanently. Our business is a perfect puzzle and 2014’s pieces are coming together to bring the Premier model and vision to true reality. We have all been working non-stop intense hours. I like to say that I go home every evening after a long day at work for the night shift, where we accomplish and supervise shipments and micromanage new government approvals as well as prospect and cultivate new deals over seas.

It is very apparent that we are focused on three major things:

  • Maintaining supplies and inventory to grow our sales where we have distribution
  • Expanding the distribution model with strategic partners
  • Adding to our SKU line to have a 1.75L and the development of four flavors

This distribution model will give us a huge Clique Vodka pipeline and the new SKU’s will create better shelf presence and give our distributors more option for larger, diverse orders. These wins will dramatically increase our revenue.

Domestically, we have been building our reach within California after our initial delivery last year, and now have sold to a distributor for launch in New Jersey and Connecticut. This last month, we have been hitting the domestic landscape hard and we have potential deals with distributors pending in New York, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. We also have shipped our first container of raw vodka to PPI Technologies in Tampa to start Clique Vodka’s partnership in PPI’s ShotPaQ drink beverages that are distributed around the world. This is a huge win for us.

Internationally, the first container to Puerto Rico is at sea and on its way. Nigeria is about two weeks away from final government approval and we expect to deliver in the second quarter. Canada, Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Latvia and China are also in negotiations, with Canada being on the forefront. It definitely looks promising that we will be in several of these areas within the second quarter. Many other areas are being prospected at the same time. Interest is heavy internationally.

Once again, we have been focused on raising funds to complete these new inventory goals. We have had good success in the last few months with this. We can attribute these strong fundraising efforts to the addition of a new financial investment manager Mike Salovay who came on board in December. Many new investors have joined in on the potential for huge returns in this exciting industry. Feel free to reach out to us if you have interest or would like to see the exciting investment opportunities available at Premier.

This industry is all about mergers and acquisitions. We need to constantly spend on our infrastructure so the larger companies can take notice and bridge a brand sale. This has been the model of Premier from the beginning. We can use the same distribution model we build this year to pump future brands in and sell them as well. With all of the expansion and the new SKU’s coming in, more investment is inevitable for 2014. If we hit our goals for 2014, Clique will be well on its way to a brand sale. We look forward to Clique having a complete line with a large growing distribution model while penetrating the landscape.

In closing, I want to take a minute to express how proud I am of our Premier team, who have stuck with our business and continue to give it their all every day. Without them we would be nothing but an empty shell. We also realize that our success is coming from the support of you, the public, who continue to purchase our product and socially interact with us. We want to thank you for your support and as always, encourage you to get more involved with our journey in any way as our door is always open. I want to end as I always do, by wishing everyone safe and responsible consumption of Premier’s finest spirits.

Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO Premier Innovations Group