Ethanol Alcohol Supply For Hand Sanitizer Production

Premier Innovations Group is a provider of Ethanol Alcohol Supply for Hand Sanitizer Production as well as Grain Neutral Alcohol.  Thousands of distilleries around the country have converted their operations to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer to help fight the spread of this virus during this time of crisis.  It has been brought to our attention from many colleagues in our industry that they are experiencing a shortage of the base ingredient used to make hand sanitizer, ethanol alcohol.  So we too are now stepping up to the challenge and helping where we can.

Premier Wine & Spirits / Premier Innovations Group has secured over 500,000 gallons of bulk 200 proof corn ethanol alcohol for HAND SANITIZER PRODUCTION.  We work with ISO certified manufacturers of beverage, industrial grade and fuel ethanol.

If you are in need of ethanol for your purposes, please contact us and we can fulfill immediately.  We can ship anywhere in the US as well as worldwide.  Typically Premier Innovations Group / Premier Wine & Spirits is in the business of brand creation, development and sourcing in the spirits industry, which provides us unique access to these specific needs.  We will prevail if we all do our part.  We are all in this together.

Attention Distilleries, Distillers and Members of the Spirits Community.  Available immediately:

Contact now for PRICING by calling 412.716.3556 or email to order while supplies last.

Premier Innovations Group is able to provide our clients with the cleanest, highest quality alcohol.  Everything starts with the primary ingredients so we make it easy to source the purest denatured alcohol and grain neutral spirit.  We are here to fit your needs and deliver fast and efficiently.

We use American grown corn in our partner’s six-column distillation facility. The grain alcohol is 6 times distilled.

USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC:  Kosher, 190-proof, certified organic alcohol is now available in limited quantities.  All of the ingredients used in this process have been USDA approved.

200 PROOF:  To serve clients in need of 200 proof product, the 190 proof passes through a dedicated GNS, molecular sieve system and recycle rectifier column to remove the remaining 5% water. This is a mechanical alcohol-water separation drying system that uses no chemicals to break the molecular aziotropic bonds and delivers an anhydrous product for compact shipment.

We serve the following industries:  Medical, Laboratory, Beauty, Beverage, Industrial.

We also provide distilleries and brands with custom packaging design, custom glass bottles, full inventory production, legal compliance, shipping logistics, distribution assistance & sales.

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WINE & SPIRITS BRAND DEVELOPMENT:  If you are reading this and internationally awarded wine and spirits are something that you are interested in pursuing, contact Premier Innovations Group for a free consultation today.  We have the knowledge, resources and passion to make your vision a reality.  And we have an award winning palate.

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Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted alcoholic beverage umbrella corporation that creates, develops and imports a wide range of alcoholic beverage brands. Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution and alcoholic beverage formulation. We specialize in full packaging sourcing from start to finish and brand development.  Premier has the ability to handle import/export logistics and TTB services. Premier Innovations Group owns their own brands and also provides these services to other companies.  In this capacity we help clients develop brands, private label or want to improve their current price structure and brand packaging.