Clique Vodka unveils modern bottle design

Award winning vodka brand Clique Vodka officially unveils a new bottle design and packaging for its Reserve Edition, inspired by the elegance of the vodka distillation process itself.  International beverage importer Premier Innovations Group debuts this unique spirit in correspondence with Clique’s exclusive initial launch in the state of Pennsylvania.

Clique Vodka 2021

Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations said: “I could not be more  proud of our Premier team and the new Clique Vodka. Its excellence with our flagship brand, is a true testament to how we have grown as an industry leader.  We are highly focused on brand development for retailers and clients wishing to improve operations or hang their hat in the alcoholic beverage industry.”

Originally released in 2010, Clique Vodka has undergone multiple rebrands over the past decade.  From 2013 to 2020 the brand gained much recognition as being known for its distinct glossy black bottle, setting Clique apart from the sea of endless carbon copied vodka brands on the shelves.  And though this unique black bottle packaging set the tone for Clique, an industry disrupter to generate much interest, there was still work to be done in order to take things to the next level on a worldwide scale.  Fortunately in early 2020 while formulating and designing brands for clients around the world, Premier Innovations Group established relationships with a multitude of spirits industry experts to fine tune the Clique formula and packaging once again.  Over the past 10+ years in this industry the Premier team has gained an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and relationships which present countless opportunities to improve on our products.

Different Inside and Out:

This latest product concept has been completely redeveloped from head to toe including a new logo, new custom glass vessel,  one of a kind apothecary style glass cork and a highly refined vodka formulation from Clique Vodka’s exclusive gold medal award winning distillery in Latvia.  Clique’s bold, pronounced taste doesn’t just come with any vodka.  It takes specific water, climate and soil to cultivate the perfect ingredients.  Not to mention the attention to detail in each embellishment you will find throughout the bottle’s story, which is a full bodied experience in itself.

The brand’s bottle takes design cues from a more traditional and sophisticated time when focus was on product integrity as opposed to the latest trend.  The tall slender bottle emulates the column stills that are used in the distillery where the product is made and the vintage textured paper stock and apothecary style cork invoke a sense of handmade craftsmanship.  The gold seal is that of recognizable quality and with an embossed glass insignia running up the side of the bottle stating “The Purest Vodka Starts With The Finest Ingredients”, the end result is a product that quite literally speaks for itself.

Clique Vodka 2021

This bold move is targeted more towards a discerning audience with an experienced palate.  No shortcuts were taken and no expense spared in the production of this product.  We think that the consumer will be pleasantly surprised with what they see and taste. Clique Vodka‘s high-impact packaging and smooth taste profile communicates authenticity and depth.  The product evolution showcases the company’s new aesthetic and the executives’ forward-looking attitude.

Clique Vodka Lower Label 2021

Frank Bachurski, Vice President of Premier Innovations Group (and designer behind the new Clique Vodka packaging) said: “Any great product must evolve to withstand the test of time.  As we have grown and matured as a company, so too have our consumers’ tastes.  Therefore our flagship brand must follow suit.  I am proud of what we have accomplished with the previous packaging in the past.  In hindsight, very few mainstream consumers want to purchase a product like “milk” or “water” for instance, in a dark container.  They prefer to see what they are consuming on the inside.  And this mentality rings true with vodka as well.  People want clean, clear, pure, transparency in their vodka.  In my opinion we were doing a disservice to the previous product by not allowing people to experience the clarity of our vodka as well as really misportraying our quality by pricing the product as low as we did.  This led to a lower “perceived value” for a premium quality product.  So I took the steps necessary to improve upon our product with distinct purpose.  This latest upgrade truly depicts the luxurious essence of the product and speaks more directly to our audience, doing justice to the quality of the formula inside the bottle. I was very particular in every aspect of this design.  Driven by my own exploration for perfection, increased knowledge of vodka production and over a decade’s worth of experience in packaging design, I wanted a final product that I could personally be proud to put my name on.  Everything that went into this brand was carefully thought out and deliberate. Clique now has a seriousness and sophistication that defines the way I personally want to drink vodka.  Our vodka is extraordinary, and the bottle had to match.  I wanted to create something true to our experience.  This brand reflects the way I see vodka; the way I see our company and our capabilities.”

Clique Vodka Logo 2021

Clique Vodka’s Distillation Process:

  • Raw Materials:  Clique Vodka utilizes only locally grown wheat and rye. Rye is lean and dry opposed to potato which is round and earthy in profile.  Wheat and rye are the lightest of grains chosen to produce clean and bold flavors.
  • Fermentation:  Yeast is added to the mash to make approximately 16% alcohol solution.
  • Distillation and Filtration: A triple column still technique is used to remove impurities. The solution is then passed through both a patron filter and a one micron filter to refine in special old enameled tanks, bringing it to 96%. This removes impurities and concentrates alcohol up to 96%.
  • Dilution and Blending:  The Latvian landscape is teeming with over 12,000 rivers and 300 lakes with fresh springs flowing throughout its 52% natural forestry.  Water is sourced underground from the purest, untouched natural springs and is added to the alcohol to dilute it to 40% ALC./VOL.

Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations adds: “Personally I still involve myself in every formulation of alcohol we produce for over 25 brands. In development of the new Clique formula, the goal was to create the very smoothest, yet complex vodka product in the world. Working with over 50 master distillers around the globe this product is the culmination of extensive international travel, research and sourcing of the finest ingredients and equipment. You will taste the bold Russian vodka style with a hint of spice from the rye, as well as the sweet aftertaste of the finest wheat. This latest product is true perfection in packaging and formulation.”

The new Clique Vodka is now on shelves in over 240 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  This new bottle design is only one part of the brand’s efforts to grow as a serious contender in the international market and will soon launch throughout the US as well as select overseas markets.

Online Orders:

Clique Vodka will soon be launching an updated website and national e-commerce store which will allow consumers in over 40+ states to purchase online and have the product delivered direct.

Connect with Clique Vodka online:


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