Noah Cohen – CEO/Founder

Mr. Cohen, an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in start-up development, founded Premier Innovations Group in 2007 by integrating a strong cultural foundation and rigid structure. Mr Cohen assembled the Premier team and used stock in the master company, Premier, to purchase an event-based entertainment company and graphic design company which serve as subsidiaries. This strategy allowed Premier Innovations Group to move marketing and branding efforts in-house, enabling the company to quickly grow brand awareness and market share with their private label beverage brands.

Mr. Cohen has already been involved in the development over 20 start-up projects in a broad range of industries including technology, real estate, bars and restaurants, chemical products, direct sales, advertising, music, nonprofit philanthropy and entertainment. Mr Cohen currently runs the day-to-day operations and oversees Premier’s core team of officers while building strong worldwide relationships and connecting people to help them achieve their passion.


Frank Bachurski – Vice President

A master of marketing and brand development with over 10 years of experience and education in the industry, Frank Bachurski excels as Premier Innovations Group’s Vice President.  Premier Innovations Group acquired Faded Industry Entertainment in 2007 at which time Frank came on as VP of Marketing, later being promoted to his current Vice Presidential position.  Frank is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of Premier related operations from marketing to company vision while consulting with all sectors of the business. Some of Frank’s direct focuses include managing daily operations, organizing marketing campaign strategies, event coordination, and PR department development/management. With a combination of leadership, vivid creativity, & unrelenting drive Frank pushes Premier Innovations Group to the forefront of the spirits industry.


Isaac Holeva – VP of Production

Isaac has been an entrepreneur since his youth. He started a successful father son telecommunications company as well as a community based entertainment focused weekly magazine, and has been heavily involved in Faded Industry, a thriving entertainment business. With over a dozen years of professional stagehand experience he was the perfect fit for his position at Premier. His department is involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes of Point of Sale Materials and Live Promotions/Events. As production manager he ensures that goods and services are produced efficiently also ensuring the correct amount is produced at the right cost and at the right level of quality. He is further responsible for both human and material resources. As live events manager he must maintain all facets of scheduling a smooth and efficient plan for the promo crew to follow during demos. He is involved in both the pre-production (planning) stage as well as the production (control and supervision) stage.