Holiday Successes

The winter begins and the end of the year holidays and festivities will be arriving. At Premier Innovations Group, we are preparing ourselves for an explosive 2012. New traditional media campaigns will be noticeable as we enter the biggest time of year for liquor sales. The launching of Clique Vodka in a new state seems like a common occurrence that leads us to the cultivation of lucrative new partnerships adding to our family. It is eminent that we will expand our foothold throughout many new states including presence in the West Coast in 2012.

We are committed to providing our customers a portfolio of great valued brands, and the brainstorming and planning of new brands is a key focus for Premier Innovations Group. Our investors can also be excited about time we are putting toward the importing services for other clients and an exciting year of growth revenue ahead

Holidays are a great time to unwind with our friends and family with a fine libation or two. We choose Clique Vodka and Don Pantaleon Tequila not just because we own them, but because as an international importer we had the opportunity to import and develop any formula with a blank canvas of components and we chose these products because we love them. We stand behind them. We encourage you this holiday to “put our products to the test”; you will not be disappointed. Instead, you will be pleasantly surprised by superb quality and value unprecedented in an industry run by companies who focus more on their bottom line than what’s best for their customers.

Our Premier family wants to wish all of you a wonderful, safe and careful holiday stemming from awareness of your surroundings and focus on responsibility. Abusing alcohol and inappropriate indulging ruins our culture and brings a bad name to an amazing industry that we want to enjoy together for years to come. We are asking for your support in drinking Clique Vodka intelligently and Don Pantaleon Tequila dubiously this holiday season.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (CEO)

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