Message from the CEO / Summer 2013

Time is flying by and the summer is here again. It has been a complete whirlwind since my last message, when we were just rolling out the new black bottles of Clique Vodka in late January. Now, several months later we have had some significant time to see its early magnitude in the industry. We continue to grow, learn and watch as the dramatic facelift spurs positive explosive change, interest and feedback. Our business is coming alive and blossoming like the trees we see around us this summer.

Like our Premier culture, it is strong roots that keep those trees blossoming and healthy, changing and growing each season. Our root structure is the Premier business model that is forming and growing stronger, maturing underground.

Not for long will our roots be underground, as an announcement to expand and acquire a new brand of distilled spirit will hit the press soon. It is a move that will change the industry and of course the quality of life for our Premier family. It will represent a strategic partnership that will change the game and define and foreshadow the power of a portfolio building, global import export alcoholic beverage brand builder.

As we prepare to source a new brand, I’m proud to announce that this week I leave for Switzerland followed by the visitation of our current partners in the Baltic’s. It is so important to us to keep our relationships strong globally, as we focus on new ventures together.

Currently, our total team commitment is on the continued growth of our distribution model. We are just now starting to experience the strong expansion and interest out there for Clique.  The strength and conviction of our product packaging has brought many new deals our way. Now we look to show the amazing value to the world.

Growth of sales in Pennsylvania and West Virginia have been strong as Philadelphia has become a major focus. Total Wine & More’s presence has done wonders for exposure throughout the U.S. In the next few months, we will be announcing the launch of three new major city markets in the U.S. for us in distribution. These areas represent the hotbeds of the trends. Many countries have been sampling, getting import permits and signing agreements to distribute our fine product as a new addition to their portfolio. These deals will be announced to the public in the next few months as well as we move closer to fiscal stability with strong inventory holdings.

Here at Premier, we remain humble and thankful for all of our amazing support that is currently so abundant. Our door is always open to help from anyone that wants to be part of our amazing movement. Your interest and support that grows dramatically every day is the reason for the success we are experiencing. We are thankful to our investors, partners and consumers representing the lifeblood of our fine company. Please continue to participate as we create action and give you more to be proud of this summer.

I’m proud to say I feel we have done all we can to show everyone around us in the community that we care. Our focus on corporate and social responsibility continues as we sponsor hundreds of charities. For us to keep moving up, we must ask for one more thing from our consumer friends. Please realize that moderation and responsibility are the keys to Premier longevity. The summer has so many opportunities to be outdoors enjoying a refreshing Clique or Don cocktail.  Many of these great recipes are posted in our new Clique Vodka online Mixbook. That being the case, as I always end, I want to remind everyone to remember to Clique intelligently and drink Don dubiously this summer.


Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO / Founder Premier Innovations Group

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