Mexico Travels

Travels to Mexico were an enormous success and last week we delivered 385 cases of Don Pantaleon tequila to the state of PA store system. Mexico reminded me that tradition and culture are so important in life. I was inspired and humbled with the friendliness and traditional nature of the wonderful Mexican people. I want to encourage all to travel as much as possible and learn to be humble to respect great culture and engulf yourself with these countries strong traditions. Nearing the end of July the tastings of Clique are in full swing.

Service industry accounts have been starting to fulfill their role in stocking our vodka and expansion to Ohio West Virginia and Tennessee is on the horizon. The response from the public tasting Clique has been great as we projected and we look forward to the same rave reviews from the Tequila. We are truly unriveled in the industry with our great value our products represent.

We appreciate your support and again would like to remind everyone to enjoy summer, work hard and play hard, but most importantly Clique Intelligently.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (

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