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As the Holiday season comes to conclusion, we hope that every one of our supporters had a relaxing, safe holiday filled with joy and quality time with loved ones while indulging in fine Clique Vodka spirits. On the Premier front, we finished the year with an amazing celebration of 2014 at Donato’s in the Fox Chapel neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We all shared in the joy of the holidays with great food from our gracious host Donato Coluccio, custom Clique Vodka cocktails were served and we all reminisced of the trials and tribulations of 2014. It was an excellent time for the Premier Family.

We spent a lot of time planning, refocusing and setting our 2015 goals as a team. Below I give you our company updates and the goals we reached in 2014, as well as what we are looking to accomplish in the new year.

Domestic Updates

We are continuing our focus on servicing our clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and California. Product is now in to our Florida distributor and we are proud to see Colorado getting started. These will be two huge expansions for us in 2015.

International Updates

Puerto Rico continues to grow, anticipating their second container delivery. Deals still in the process include: India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Nigeria, Korea and the UK.

The culmination of all of these expansions will boast a strong revenue for 2015 and allow us to expand dramatically.

In closing, we want everyone to know how excited we are as we ramp up for our biggest, most promising year ahead. As I always mention, we invite you to join us and be active and reach out to us. We always entertain suggestions and help from our supporters. That’s how we have grown and continue to succeed. We appreciate each and every one of you and want to thank you for your help in 2014. We ask that you continue to be behind us into 2015 and we urge you to pick up and enjoy Clique Vodka. Once again, we want to remind everyone to Clique intelligently this year as we extend our best luck and wishes for a strong, prosperous 2015 for all.

Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO/Founder Premier Innovations Group

Clique Vodka

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