Clique Vodka Reserve Edition Launches in 240+ Pennsylvania Stores Statewide

This past month award winning vodka brand Clique Vodka officially unveiled its new Reserve Edition bottle design and packaging through Premier Innovations Group.  You can read more on the new product HERE.  To kick off the new product release Clique Vodka has decided to release exclusively in the state of Pennsylvania for a limited time, […]

Clique Vodka unveils modern bottle design

Award winning vodka brand Clique Vodka officially unveils a new bottle design and packaging for its Reserve Edition, inspired by the elegance of the vodka distillation process itself.  International beverage importer Premier Innovations Group debuts this unique spirit in correspondence with Clique’s exclusive initial launch in the state of Pennsylvania. Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier […]

Ethanol Alcohol Supply For Hand Sanitizer Production

Premier Innovations Group is a provider of Ethanol Alcohol Supply for Hand Sanitizer Production as well as Grain Neutral Alcohol.  Thousands of distilleries around the country have converted their operations to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer to help fight the spread of this virus during this time of crisis.  It has been brought to our […]

Spanish Oak Brandy Hits Pennsylvania Stores

If you live in Pennsylvania (particularly near Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton or Allentown), Spanish Oak is a name that you may have heard over the past couple of months.  The product has hit Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores with a passion and consumers are asking a lot of questions.  What does […]

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