Introducing Gold Drop Vodka

Introducing Gold Drop Vodka, the latest artisan vodka brand to be created & launched by Premier Innovations Group Inc. to distinguish itself from the crowd in a market all too saturated with “more of the same”.  In a world where the mainstream vodka drinker is finding it harder to find truly high quality vodka for […]

Diageo sells 19 brands to Sazerac for US$550m

Diageo sells 19 brands to Sazerac for $550 million

Beverage industry master company Diageo is selling 19 of its brands to US based company Sazerac in $550 million deal.  Reasoning for this is said to be that Diageo is increasing its focus on premium spirits. This transaction is expected to take place in early 2019 and will net Diageo over $436 million after taxes […]

Amazon Launches Bowmore Whiskey

Amazon Launches Its First Private Label Whiskey

Not only does Amazon now deliver wine and spirits right to your door, but now they have taken it a step further.  Yes Amazon has now too released their very own brand in the whiskey category, following the slue of celebrities and mainstream companies jumping on the ever so lucrative liquor train. Behold the first […]

How To Create A Vodka Brand

The opportunity in the global wine and spirits sector is on fire.  You have probably heard of some pretty amazing success stories in the mainstream media regarding celebrities and entrepreneurs making their way into the ever growing wine & spirits industry. There is quite a bit of data available to provide a comprehensive overview of […]

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