Premier Innovations Group Announces Faded Industry Entertainment Acquisition

After confidential negotiations with Faded Industry Entertainment, Premier Innovations Group announce merger with the PA based entertainment company, thus creating a spirits company with an in-house promotions team who specializes in the nightlife scene.

I personally have been working closely with the Faded staff for over a year. They have already tackled many projects with impressive results. I could not have found a better organization that combines their unique talents with strong and rational business sense. Having this type of team immediately available is going to revolutionize our industry.” says Noah Cohen, CEO Premier Innovations Group. Isaac Holeva, from Faded Industry Entertainment states: “We at Faded are extremely excited about this merger and the future.” Holeva further adds, “The idea to bond a fully operational promotions/events company with a spirits company seems like a given. We have HUGE plans!” Partner Pat Hanavan declares, “Our goal was to work with larger spirits companies to co-host/sponsor events and revolutionize nightlife. Merging with Premier is exactly where we want to be.” Faded Industry founder Frank Bachurski states, “I think that this merger is going to be one of the most exciting business ventures Pittsburgh has seen in a long time, and I can’t even describe how proud and excited I am to be at the forefront of this project.” Bachurski also declares, “This is exactly what our city and beyond needs.

About Premier Innovations Group

Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted spirits importing company that develops their own private label liquor brands and markets them with fusion of viral event-driven entertainment, art and design. Generation of revenue comes from private label vodka and tequilas, importing for other companies on royalty retainer and promotional event billing income for service industry accounts. Expansion and growth of these brands throughout the US is the focus.

About Faded Industry Entertainment

Faded Industry Entertainment is a well-established Pittsburgh based company that capitalizes on all aspects of the growing entertainment industry. With a broad range of services that stem from the core development of entertainment promotions and marketing programs, Faded Industry brings the dynamics of diversity and innovation that have never been done by contributors or competitors in the field. Faded Industry’s culture of social networking through positive interaction fuses people together to achieve their entertainment needs by developing successful relationships and connections in a primarily divided industry. As Faded Industry grows world wide their services become more diverse and new project undertakings are visited daily in major cities throughout the US. With All of Faded Industry services designed specifically to satisfy their consumer needs, they insist on developing a personal relationship including ethics and integrity with their clients that remain consistent and ongoing.

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