McQueen and the Violet Fog

From time to time we like to review unique new products that come to market.  The industry has become so explosive and with younger companies taking such an interest in the spirits world we are seeing some amazingly innovative products launching.  Which is why when we heard about a new gin brand being launched out of Brazil by our friends over at Taylor Gang (rapper Wiz Khalifa’s label), we knew we had to get our hands on some and give it a try.

Now gin isn’t always as straight forward as some of your other fundamental spirits such as vodka or tequila.  Gin often has a multitude of ingredients that go into the formula that can really differentiate the taste profile from other gins in the market.  And McQueen and the Violet Fog is a perfect testament to that process.  Handcrafted in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil, McQueen and the Violet Fog is distilled with 21 botanicals gathered from around the world.  This includes six signature botanicals that McQueen boasts are rarely, if ever found in gin.

McQueen and the Violet Fog states, “It’s a complex, subtle, incredibly smooth spirit. We use two distillation techniques, maceration and vapor infusion, to create McQueen, making small batches of just 500 liters (55 cases) each time.” Any time brands state that they are creating small batches of their brand we like to research the origin a bit and dig a little deeper into the story.  After all, crafting a spirits brand is an art form that should be respected and done the right way, as opposed to these generic big box cookie cutter beverages that are pumped out of a factory with just any old label slapped on the bottle.

And McQueen did not disappoint.  We actually were able to taste the product neat as well as in a custom crafted cocktail that Will Dzombak (head of the McQueen team and Co-CEO of Taylor Gang) personally suggested.  The result was a complex flavor profile with curious hints of botanicals and natural ingredients while still quenching your thirst for a strong gin identity.  Not at all off-putting to the palate and quite inviting on the nose.  Depth is something that I look for when drinking gin, based on the full breadth of ingredients that can influence the taste.  McQueen has plenty of that and the more I sipped it the more the aftertaste seem to evolve into newer and newer renditions of itself.  Certain ingredients lingered longer and became more prevalent as my palate soaked in the flavors.

We recommend you give this a taste.  Whether you are a discerning gin aficionado or just someone looking to try something new, we think you will enjoy what McQueen and the Violet Fog brings to the table.

McQueen and the Violet Fog was also recently featured in Fader Magazine as their “gin of choice” for the perfect classic martini.  You can learn more about this upcoming brand on their website


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