50 Cent Sells Shares Of Effen Vodka

Another mainstream celebrity rap artist has cashed out on the thriving spirits industry.  50 Cent is supposedly officially out of the liquor game for the time being, now that word is spreading that he has sold his minority stake in Effen Vodka.


50 Cent has been growing even more in popularity as his Starz series Power continues to grow as well.  With his name being mentioned so much lately, some started to wonder why he was no longer openly promoting Effen Vodka in interviews and on social media.

According to Angela Yee at the Breakfast Club, 50 Cent not only sold his minority stake, but ended his contract as Effen Vodka’s frontman.  Apparently 50 Cent received $60 million for the buyout, from what we hear.


However this does not necessarily mean that 50 Cent is out of the spirits game for good.  He’s had a taste of how profitable it can be to own a vodka brand, and recently he hinted that he may be getting into the cognac arena after a trip to France.  We will soon see.