How To Create A Vodka Brand

The opportunity in the global wine and spirits sector is on fire.  You have probably heard of some pretty amazing success stories in the mainstream media regarding celebrities and entrepreneurs making their way into the ever growing wine & spirits industry.

There is quite a bit of data available to provide a comprehensive overview of the global spirits world.

The global spirits sector was valued at $689.1 billion USD in 2017 and is forecast to record a CAGR of 4.5% in value terms during 2017–2022.  So as you can see, the time to enter is now.  Asia-Pacific was the largest market for spirits, accounting for a 57.8% share of total value sales in 2017. The UK emerged as the largest market in Western Europe with a value share of 24.4% in 2017, while the UAE was the largest in the MEA region with a value share of 61% in 2017.  The US market consistently acts as a trendsetter market for global brands and is at the front of the market push as well.

Premier Innovations Group can work with you to show you how to create a vodka brand as well as any other alcoholic beverage brand in the industry.  We are one of the leaders in alcoholic beverage brand development and have the ability to bring you award winning formulas in any category including vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, cognac, scotch, wine, champagne and more.  With brand acquisitions now in the Billions of dollars, you may want to take a serious look into creating your own. And here’s how:

We provide a start to finish solution and can help you take your project from concept to reality for a fraction of the time and money, because we handle every step of the process in house. We are truly a one stop shop for alcoholic beverage brand building.  We have the relationships to scale your business worldwide.

Award Winning Spirits Formulas Made From Scratch

Premier has a global network that solidifies us as leaders in beverage development, alcohol formulation, full packaging design, sourcing, importing, exporting, TTB services and so much more. From designing the perfect brand identity and packaging, to knowledge of the market place, to years of sales experience & industry relationships.

We create innovative packaging that will stand out on the shelf, we source the finest ingredients in the world for the perfect tasting formula, and navigate shipping logistics, federal clearances, wholesale and distribution.

Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturing And Stock Bottles Available

Our expertise does not stop there.  We specialize in event based marketing and activations to engage the consumer personally, so they can see, touch and taste your brand! On and off premise! After all, once you have this amazing product, you are going to want everyone to try it!

Our ability to place your brand in major media outlets and videos will create worldwide awareness and get your product in the mainstream. Wouldn’t you love to see your vision come to life on the big screen?

The best design, the finest ingredients, the highest quality packaging and the best team in the business, we have you taken care of from start to finish, and we have the satisfied clients to prove it. That is how Premier brand building is raising the bar in the spirits industry. If it sounds too good to be true, try us. Let’s hear your ideas.

Brand Development Experts Who Specialize In Spirits Brand Packaging

And if you already have a brand and need help growing awareness or cutting costs, we also private label and can improve your current brand packaging while saving you costs on glass & materials.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and listen to multi million dollar brand buyouts. Take the first step toward launching your brand. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free personal consultation from our executive team today.

Leaders in alcoholic beverage brand creation and development.

Read through our 7 step process to take you from concept to completion on how to start a spirits brand HERE.

Cosmopolitan Diva Sparkling Wine Flavors Launch In US

Premier Innovations Group will now be launching all four flavors of Cosmopolitan Diva Sparkling Wine in select cities throughout the United States.  This comes following tremendous growth in brand awareness and a quickly spreading demand for product.

Premier Innovations Group was first introduced to the Cosmopolitan Diva Sparkling Wine brand in 2016. Immediately upon reviewing and tasting the product our team knew that there was a distinct opportunity and placement for the brand in the current US market. The packaging was a perfect fit to attract multiple demographics, including but not limited to the following: Females age 21-65. Session beverage drinkers. Nightlife and socialite demographic. Service industry members and more. In addition to the packaging being a lightning rod for attention in the market, the taste profile was mild & fruity, making it very easy to consume, and the abv was low proof which makes it a repeat volume seller.

Premier presented the brand to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in 2016 with Cosmopolitan Diva having no prior track record or sales anywhere else in the US. The state of PA loved all aspects of the product, from imagery, to taste, to price point.

In 2017 Premier got Cosmopolitan Diva approved for a 3,000 case initial order. The order was scheduled for a February-March 2017 delivery. This is a significant first order for new brands in the state of PA which showed the company’s confidence in the brand. This order was for just the original pink bottle version of the product (as shown below).

The product was distributed to 237 of the 600 existing PA wine & spirits stores which is also a high rate of distribution for a new product.

Much to everyone’s delight, Cosmopolitan Diva sold an astonishing 3,000 cases in less then 4 months with a sell through rate of 1,000 cases per month. What is even more impressive is that this was done with no marketing budget whatsoever. Much of the products success was attributed directly to the look of the brand, taste of the brand, and strategic floor placement in the off premise stores it was distributed to.

Premier received an enormous spike in social media inquiries and requests for the product from consumers in PA and with some support, the product was completely sold out by late June/early July.

With this successful case study under our belt, Premier re-approached the state of PA for another purchase in late June and received another 3,000 case order for delivery of the custom limited edition white holiday bottles (as shown below). We delivered the order and the inventory hit shelves in November of 2017.

This SKU sold out again at an astounding rate, even with the hundreds of holiday wine competitor products surrounding it. In fact, in some of the largest individual store locations it was top selling sparkling wine in the whole store, again with no marketing budget behind it at this time. The product was completely sold out by early February of 2018 and sold over 2,000 cases in December 2017 alone.

Most recently, Premier approached the state of PA in February 2018 to secure an order of both the original Cosmo Diva bottle, as well as all of the flavors. We received an order for August 2018 delivery for all available stores. We expect to sell out in two months max.

Premier will now have the Cosmopolitan Diva brand on regular order in the state of PA after the sell through of 9,000 12 bottle cases in one state.

We personally have never seen a product sell this fast with this type of repeat customer generating such immediate brand loyalty. We couldn’t be happier with the results and we could not be more proud to represent the growing Cosmopolitan Diva brand throughout the United States as the exclusive importer of the brand. As we enter more and more markets we expect these results to build and continue.

More About the Premier Wine & Spirits Opportunity:

If internationally awarded wine and spirits are something that you are interested in pursuing, contact Premier Innovations Group for a free consultation today.  We have the knowledge, resources and passion to make your vision a reality.  And we have an award winning palate.

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Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted alcoholic beverage umbrella corporation that creates, develops and imports a wide range of alcoholic beverage brands. Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, alcoholic beverage formulation, full packaging sourcing from start to finish, brand development and all importing/exporting logistics and TTB services. Premier owns their own brands, but also provides these services to other companies that have or wish to develop brands, private label or want to improve their current price structure and brand packaging.