Introducing Gold Drop Vodka

Introducing Gold Drop Vodka, the latest artisan vodka brand to be created & launched by Premier Innovations Group Inc. to distinguish itself from the crowd in a market all too saturated with “more of the same”.  In a world where the mainstream vodka drinker is finding it harder to find truly high quality vodka for a price that won’t make it hard to swallow, Gold Drop is a sip of relief.

Making its public debut throughout Pennsylvania Fine Wine And Good Spirits stores in November of 2018, Gold Drop was chosen to be featured in the highly coveted Chairman’s Select program, where only a handful of products are personally chosen by discerning and trusted palates at the PLCB.  And the brand did not disappoint.  The public quickly identified the brand as a choice of luxury at a value price.  Top tier award winning concept, packaging & design that you can’t help but pick up and admire (conceptualized & designed by Premier Vice President, Frank Bachurski), with a taste profile that even the most discerning of vodka snobs can not dispute (formulated & produced by CEO, Noah Cohen).  Sales numbers are not yet conclusive but it is rumored that Gold Drop Vodka sold over 75,000 bottles in a matter of 3 months, which is unheard of for a newly launched vodka brand.

Gold Drop Vodka

What exactly is the Gold Drop?  The definition dates back 3 generations of Master Distillers at our world renown vodka distillery.
For over 180 years the secret of the Gold Drop has been kept amongst the family as a term used to describe the first truly pure drop of product that is tasted and approved from each hand crafted batch of product. Once the vodka goes through the entire process and has finally reached the epitome of purity, our
Master Distiller has one last taste before it is approved, and that taste is the Gold Drop. It was only fitting that we saved only the top tier of our production to be bottled as the Gold Drop brand.

Gold Drop Master Distiller

The Original Gold Drop Distillery Team

Expert Notes from Chairman’s Spirits® program in Pennsylvania.

Quoted at $29.99 for 750ML & $44.99 for 1.75L sizes.

“Produced from the finest wheat and rye grains through triple column apparatus distillation for extreme purity. Creamy, with a hint of white coconut and an inkling of pepper. Smooth viscosity and creamy richness. Full vodka flavor with no bite or harsh aftertaste. Clean and clear.”

Distiller’s notes

“A pure expression of why imported vodka stands above the rest. Coconut, anise and sweet cream flavors warm the palate; smooth with a touch of peppery spice on the finish. Excellent on the rocks — outstanding value!”

Steve Pollack, buyer for the Chairman’s Spirits® program

You can search for Gold Drop store availability on the PLCB Fine Wine And Good Spirits Store website HERE.

Notes on Gold Drop Vodka:

– Triple Column Distilled
– Premium Ultra Luxury Vodka
– Conceptualized, Designed, Produced, Imported and Owned by:  Premier Innovations Group INC.

Gold Drop Factory Documentation


Social Media:  @GoldDropVodka

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