Clique Vodka Partners with International Distributors; Expands into Canada and Puerto Rico

  • Clique Vodka expands distribution into Canada and gains market share in Puerto Rico
  • Marks two more solid distribution deals for Clique Vodka in 2014

Pittsburgh, PA – Premier Innovations Group is proud to announce that Clique Vodka has partnered with Canadian spirits importer Kamex Imports. They will start distribution within the next couple of months in select areas. Premier is also well underway with their expansion into Puerto Rico alongside partnered company PRGM Distributors Inc.

“These are two key markets from which we have received an immense amount of interest in our product. We look forward to bringing the Clique Vodka lifestyle to these new areas and really making our presence known. Not only is Clique Vodka an internationally imported product of premium quality, but now an internationally distributed product as well.” said Frank Bachurski, Vice President of Premier Innovations Group.

Expanding into Canada has been a major goal for the Premier team in 2014 and to see that partnership come to fruition is exciting. Finding the right distributor to partner with is a delicate process and working with Kamex Imports has proven to be a great partnership.

“Kamex Imports Co. is very excited to announce the distribution of Clique Vodka into Canada. This cutting edge brand is going to revolutionize the vodka experience in our country.” said Kamil Lech, President of Kamex Imports Co.

Continuing Clique Vodka’s growth into Puerto Rico has been a strong sign of brand growth and recognition. “For us, Clique is changing the game of the vodka industry in Puerto Rico. We are now providing an excellent tasting product for a value driven price. People are taking notice of Clique Vodka and they know we are hitting the marketplace strong.“ stated Anabel Colon Reyes, General Manager PR of INTL Freight Consultant, Corp.

International distribution has been a goal for Noah Cohen and his team since Clique Vodka was launched in 2010, and getting there has been a company victory. With this expansion, it will allow the brand to move into even more areas and gain a larger foothold in the spirits market.

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