Clique Vodka, Stewart, Murray & Assoc. to Pay for Free Cab Rides on New Year’s Eve

Pittsburgh, PA – Premier Innovations Group, owner of Clique Vodka, and Stewart, Murray & Assoc. Law Group, a DUI law firm, want you to get home safe this New Years Eve. The two companies have formed a partnership, utilizing Yellow Cab, to promote responsible transportation options to get home safely on one of the largest drinking nights of the year.

“In an effort to thank our customers for a great 2013, we are humbled to be providing free transportation to the public on New Year’s Eve, reminding everyone to Clique intelligently” said Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations Group. “We want to encourage everyone to enjoy drinking Clique Vodka while they are out celebrating and to remember to let us get them home safely.”

In order to obtain a free cab ride, you will need to call Yellow Cab and request “Clique Vodka, take me home”. The free cab ride will be valid within a 5-mile pick-up radius of downtown Pittsburgh, dropping off no further than 15-miles outside of the city. The cab ride has to be going to a residential location. It will not work from bar to bar.

Clique Vodka also owns the iPhone App ‘DrinkyPal’. It is their social responsibility app to get you home safely. Even if you’re not celebrating in Pittsburgh, you can utilize that app nationally to access the closest taxi and/or hotel number to get home safely as well.

Premier Innovations Group decided to partner with Stewart, Murray & Assoc. Law Group, as both companies are dedicated to promoting a safe, and healthy New Year’s celebration.

“Stewart, Murray & Associates is delighted to be partnering with Clique Vodka,” said Jonathan Stewart, Managing Partner of SM&A Law Group. “We are looking forward to offering our good neighbors and fellow residents of the Greater Pittsburgh region a free alternative to driving under the influence this upcoming New Year’s Eve. Happy Holidays everyone.”

For additional information, contact: Lauren Norris, Premier Innovations Group  –

About Premier Innovations Group

Premier Innovations Group is a importer that develops label brands and penetrates markets with in- house fusion of viral event-driven entertainment, art and design.  Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, development and logistics with full importing and exporting services.  Premier provides these services to other companies that wish to develop brands that complement its portfolio.

About Stewart, Murray & Assoc. Law Group

Stewart, Murray & Assoc. Law Group believes a law practice must be aggressive in their representation of clients while maintaining that personal compassion which addresses more than just a client’s legal needs. Your individual needs and concerns are important to us and we represent our clients with the knowledge that their case is more than a legal situation, it’s their life.  Let us make a difference for you!

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Message from the CEO

Closing Out 2013

The holiday season is upon us once again. It’s hard to imagine how fast time has passed, as we progress forward in a whirlwind of action and teamwork. Currently, we are experiencing our most lucrative period now with Black Friday and Thanksgiving behind us. Holiday celebration is a time that all spirits companies look forward to. For Premier, we have much to be thankful for this season as we anxiously approach the new year. We have had an explosive foundation-building year to date. It has been filled with accomplishments along with a learning curve that took focus and patience, coupled with strong team unity. Many of these projects will come to fruition next year, as we laid the necessary groundwork during 2013. This groundwork will change the industry and the quality of life for our company.

For those who have followed our successful climb towards fiscal stability and the diversification of our model, it is apparent that we had a lot to learn. Together we all made the decision to start our entire program over again with our flagship product, Clique Vodka, at the beginning of 2013. It has not been an easy journey and it took considerable investment and struggle to get “the new black” in a momentum phase once again. Coming in and introducing something new that has never been done before is a humbling experience. Our team has been patient and has given 110% while the expansion of our distribution model has been the focus. We are proud to say we made considerable expansions and grew deep roots, while keeping culture, ethics and company philanthropy on the forefront of our movement towards worldwide recognition, market integration and penetration.

We want to highlight to the public the wins that took place as it is easy to see that we are on an amazing path. Domestically, our focus has been on expanding throughout the United States in tandem of our Total Wine & More partner stores, with distributors that can drive sales where we already have a presence. We have done this in California and have signed a broker agreement for Texas and Arkansas distribution. Sales in Pennsylvania have been thriving and Ohio and West Virginia remain a focus, as we continue to build brand recognition in these territories. Events all over the country have spurred interest in almost every state and major city and we are currently seeking our best distribution partners to stimulate expansion. In 2014, new distribution contracts will be signed, catapulting multiple states with access to our products in many on and off premise outlets.

The international front has been our strongest focus as we target key international territories where vodka is on the forefront of growth and popularity. Contracts in five Asian countries, Central America and Nigeria have been signed. Many contracts in other new countries are in progress. We will announce these in the first quarter of 2014, as the agreements are solidified. Although Puerto Rico is considered domestic, we are categorizing it as an international expansion considering its nature, size and distance. All approvals are done and Clique Vodka will soon hit the Puerto Rican market, with heavy distribution outlets backed by international Latin talent superstars. We are proud of these wins and look forward to them translating as strong revenue builders.

It is also important to highlight that we have had extreme interest in importation of other brands that we will not be participating in ownership or distribution. Instead, we will provide logistics and importation services into the United States. Several partnerships for our services are in contract and will also generate significant revenue in 2014.  It is imperative that we expand into the development of several new brands that will also be announced throughout 2014. Creative concepts for at least three new brands in all genres of the growing spirits market have been solidified. Investment partners are coming together for the new ventures.  I’d like to also highlight that Clique Vodka will also be expanding with multiple SKU’s. Flavors will be on the market for 2014, adding diversity to our already successful vodka brand. Other announcements new for 2014 are a 1.75 liter bottle becoming available in the United States market along with a one liter option internationally for Clique Vodka. Multiple products are the key to our Premier Innovations Group model coming alive.

As we wrap up another holiday season I want to make an exciting announcement as an effort to remind everyone to be responsible while drinking, remaining on the forefront of corporate and social responsibility. Premier will soon be announcing a sponsorship set for New Years Eve locally, to provide transportation provided by Clique Vodka to the public. More about this will be announced in the very near future.  It will be our way of saying thank you to all of you, for buying, supporting and caring about our journey together. Once again, I’d like to end this message as I always do. On behalf premier we want to thank all of our supporters and remind you to get even more involved and drink Clique intelligently and Don Pantaleon dubiously this holiday season.


Sharing in Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO and Founder

Premier Innovations Group

Message from the CEO / Summer 2013

Time is flying by and the summer is here again. It has been a complete whirlwind since my last message, when we were just rolling out the new black bottles of Clique Vodka in late January. Now, several months later we have had some significant time to see its early magnitude in the industry. We continue to grow, learn and watch as the dramatic facelift spurs positive explosive change, interest and feedback. Our business is coming alive and blossoming like the trees we see around us this summer.

Like our Premier culture, it is strong roots that keep those trees blossoming and healthy, changing and growing each season. Our root structure is the Premier business model that is forming and growing stronger, maturing underground.

Not for long will our roots be underground, as an announcement to expand and acquire a new brand of distilled spirit will hit the press soon. It is a move that will change the industry and of course the quality of life for our Premier family. It will represent a strategic partnership that will change the game and define and foreshadow the power of a portfolio building, global import export alcoholic beverage brand builder.

As we prepare to source a new brand, I’m proud to announce that this week I leave for Switzerland followed by the visitation of our current partners in the Baltic’s. It is so important to us to keep our relationships strong globally, as we focus on new ventures together.

Currently, our total team commitment is on the continued growth of our distribution model. We are just now starting to experience the strong expansion and interest out there for Clique.  The strength and conviction of our product packaging has brought many new deals our way. Now we look to show the amazing value to the world.

Growth of sales in Pennsylvania and West Virginia have been strong as Philadelphia has become a major focus. Total Wine & More’s presence has done wonders for exposure throughout the U.S. In the next few months, we will be announcing the launch of three new major city markets in the U.S. for us in distribution. These areas represent the hotbeds of the trends. Many countries have been sampling, getting import permits and signing agreements to distribute our fine product as a new addition to their portfolio. These deals will be announced to the public in the next few months as well as we move closer to fiscal stability with strong inventory holdings.

Here at Premier, we remain humble and thankful for all of our amazing support that is currently so abundant. Our door is always open to help from anyone that wants to be part of our amazing movement. Your interest and support that grows dramatically every day is the reason for the success we are experiencing. We are thankful to our investors, partners and consumers representing the lifeblood of our fine company. Please continue to participate as we create action and give you more to be proud of this summer.

I’m proud to say I feel we have done all we can to show everyone around us in the community that we care. Our focus on corporate and social responsibility continues as we sponsor hundreds of charities. For us to keep moving up, we must ask for one more thing from our consumer friends. Please realize that moderation and responsibility are the keys to Premier longevity. The summer has so many opportunities to be outdoors enjoying a refreshing Clique or Don cocktail.  Many of these great recipes are posted in our new Clique Vodka online Mixbook. That being the case, as I always end, I want to remind everyone to remember to Clique intelligently and drink Don dubiously this summer.


Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO / Founder Premier Innovations Group

Premier Innovations Group Promotes Social Responsibility with the 2.0 Release of Smart Phone App ‘DrinkyPal’

February 15, 2013—Premier Innovations Group, who own the brands Clique Vodka and Don Pantaleon Tequila, believes that with every alcohol promotion must come a social responsibility resource as well. The company owns the iPhone App ‘DrinkyPal’, which is a free download on the iTunes App store.

The DrinkyPal app lets users pull up a list of the nearest taxi companies and the nearest list of hotels to help prevent drinking and driving. You can now book a hotel room directly from your phone within the application, as well as call the taxi company directly. This iPhone app is available nationwide and works based off of the iPhone’s GPS system. DrinkyPal is available in the Apple iTunes Store for free, as well as a link from the scanned QR Code on the back of our Clique Vodka bottle.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 9.10.20 AM

Nationally, alcohol-related deaths declined in 2010* by 4.9%. However, they still made up 31% of the overall traffic fatalities in 2010. In 2010, there were 12,426 alcohol-related vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania, which was a decrease from 2009 (12,712).

“Upon redeveloping DrinkyPal, my focus was to make an already socially responsible drinking app more fun and interactive for the user”, said Joel Kamensky, VP of Design for Premier Innovations Group. “The purpose of DrinkyPal is to allow the user to upload and share photos with our built in camera and browse the photo newsfeed, all while being able to book a hotel or call a taxi within minutes of where they are. If our app helps even a handful of people to ‘clique intelligently’, then we’ve done our part.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 9.10.38 AM

“Being in the liquor business, it is our company’s biggest goal to stand out by accomplishing outstanding corporate and social responsibility. We are so proud of our branding department for putting together an application with cutting edge technology towards better safety against the potentially dangerous effects of alcohol consumption” stated Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations Group.

For additional information, contact: Lauren Norris, Premier Innovations Group  –

Please note that most 2011 and 2012 national drunk driving accident statistics have not yet been released.

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About Premier Innovations Group

Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted alcoholic beverage importing Umbrella Corporation that develops internal private label brands while penetrating markets with in- house fusion of viral event-driven entertainment, art and design.  Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, development and logistics with full importing and exporting services.  Premier also provides these services to other companies that have or wish to develop brands that can complement our portfolio.

Summer Reflection

The tidings of the summer season bring us into a whirlwind that creates the illusion of time flying by. Outside activities, holiday vacations and excursions consume whatever remains of our diminishing free time.

Here at Premier, we have been accomplishing great summer balance. We have had so many events that have allowed us to get out, relax and enjoy our summer. Even more importantly, we have been accomplishing better communication together in an ever improving effort and focus towards total team performance. Our project is growing the building blocks of a thriving machine with an unprecedented momentum of staggering growth, leading towards an explosive last quarter of 2012.

Many new accomplishments and all different stages of positive undertakings are being recognized in an effort towards becoming a large alcoholic beverage industry purveyor.  Our focus is a path towards corporate excellence, ethics and community outreach while providing incredible value to the lifeblood of our business – our growing customer base.

It is my pleasure to take a minute to step back this summer for our investors, supporters and general consumers and recognize some incredible accomplishments. I could not be  more proud and optimistic about our future even during this unforgiving economy.

Within the last few months we have had some major breakthroughs in our public relations department with the emphasis on two huge wins in the industry. Several months ago we entered our flagship product, Clique Vodka, into the two main international spirits competitions. We were awarded the Silver Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and the Gold Medal in the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, which is the most notable and largest contest in the world. As excited as we are as a team, this does not come as a surprise to me. While formulating the product, we knew Clique Vodka was truly and sincerely amongst the best in the world. In this case, not only do we as a team know we offer a high-quality product, but it is now backed by our industry as well.

As sales grow dramatically in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee, we are excited and prepared for the expansion of Clique Vodka as we grow our distribution partners globally. As I mentioned before, we are in the process of a dramatic face-lift that will be revealed towards the end of the summer at our two year anniversary party.

The last quarter of 2012 shows amazing promise, stemming from the delivery of the new incredible image to Total Wine & More, catapulting us into 16 total states and almost every major city in the United States. We are also very close to finishing the logistics of how we will handle the partnerships in India, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We anticipate the generation of sales in these new territories in the last quarter of 2012 and into 2013.

Positive partnerships and brand alliance relationships have been growing dramatically and we anticipate having more than three new brands for our expanding loyal customer base in 2013. Plans for these brands are already underway and announcements will be posted in the near future giving more details about our powerful portfolio.

The summer season is a time of outdoor play and great holiday celebrations. Our countries independence day as well as other summer holidays are known as the most amazing times to have a refreshing cocktail while relaxing with the people who matter most. As the CEO of a company that is on the forefront of the development of a global portfolio of value alcoholic beverage brands, I am no stranger to the dangers of irresponsible over consummation. The summer heat alone creates even greater concerns to a consumer looking to enjoy in our fine beverages. For this industry to remain respectable and act with integrity for our country, I want to do as I always do, and remind everyone to be responsible when drinking our exceptional products. Please enjoy Clique intelligently and drink Don carefully this summer.

Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen

CEO / Founder Premier Innovations Group

Springing Ahead: Holiday Greetings From Premier Innovations Group

At Premier Innovations Group, we would like to sincerely wish everyone a happy spring holiday. We hope that many of you enjoyed our products responsibly over the time of rest and relaxation. The making of quality alcoholic brands with incredible value remains a clear focus for us. It is one of the main driving forces that lead us on our path towards better exposure and the pursuit of worldwide market expansion. The Premier team is the enabler of this vehicle that is fueled by exceptional team performance and individual greatness that brings amazing new marketing programs, cutting edge imagery and sales and social media breakthroughs.

I took the time during my travels to our production facilities in eastern Europe to read through magazines looking for airline CEO messages, and I realized how special our company is. The usual mundane messages of tiny quarter growth and how focused they are on you the customer is standard. These are rarely very exciting or groundbreaking to the customers, team or the investors that have a role in the success of their model.

Here at Premier, that description could not be further from where we are at this time. A few months ago we planted the seed of a vision to change the game in our business and perhaps change the world and the norm for vodka drinkers. This vision was an executive decision to pursue one more packaging change to the face of our main product, Clique Vodka. It was one step back to take two steps forward as I always say. Now that the puzzle pieces are coming together I could not be more optimistic of this decision and the outcomes that are soon to follow. Although we are adapting and changing with the market needs, we never jeopardize the culture and pursuit of our initial vision.

It is impossible to ignore the dramatic growth of our company. Our partnership with Total Wine & More® that will allow a 20-state expansion, and the developing partner relationships with brokers and distributors in Dubai, India and Puerto Rico are all coming together. The amazing thing is that we haven’t even started selling actively to distributors and the demand is heavy. These new contacts have reached out to us in pursuit of our relationship and for our products. We feel this is a testament to the strong vision and branding concepts of our products, transparent programs and an incredible team of driven individuals.

As our new and old partners await the packaging change with excitement, the vision to launch within over 20 states and three countries is becoming more realistic every day. The new marketing campaign is being developed and we have had unprecedented monthly growth of consumer recognition leading to new customers. Our relationships with national celebrities that have interest in our brands and services to build private labels have been a dramatic part of the landscape in the last few months. The agreement with a new celebrity ambassador is near and we are optimistic about the brand being a great fit for the first face of Clique Vodka.

Investment into Clique Vodka Limited is coming along smoothly and the relationships with our manufacturing partners are strong and optimistic. Everyday our knowledge of the importing process and global relationships with alcohol component factories around the world grows stronger.

We want to thank everyone for the kind support and interests. With our business being in the growth stage, every supporter, consumer and contributor means so much towards our success. We are grateful and humbled to have you as part of our ongoing commitment towards corporate excellence. I want to remind everyone that with alcohol comes the need for balance of fun and responsibility. As always, I want to remind you to Clique intelligently and drink Don dubiously.


Sharing in success,
Noah Cohen

Holiday Successes

The winter begins and the end of the year holidays and festivities will be arriving. At Premier Innovations Group, we are preparing ourselves for an explosive 2012. New traditional media campaigns will be noticeable as we enter the biggest time of year for liquor sales. The launching of Clique Vodka in a new state seems like a common occurrence that leads us to the cultivation of lucrative new partnerships adding to our family. It is eminent that we will expand our foothold throughout many new states including presence in the West Coast in 2012.

We are committed to providing our customers a portfolio of great valued brands, and the brainstorming and planning of new brands is a key focus for Premier Innovations Group. Our investors can also be excited about time we are putting toward the importing services for other clients and an exciting year of growth revenue ahead

Holidays are a great time to unwind with our friends and family with a fine libation or two. We choose Clique Vodka and Don Pantaleon Tequila not just because we own them, but because as an international importer we had the opportunity to import and develop any formula with a blank canvas of components and we chose these products because we love them. We stand behind them. We encourage you this holiday to “put our products to the test”; you will not be disappointed. Instead, you will be pleasantly surprised by superb quality and value unprecedented in an industry run by companies who focus more on their bottom line than what’s best for their customers.

Our Premier family wants to wish all of you a wonderful, safe and careful holiday stemming from awareness of your surroundings and focus on responsibility. Abusing alcohol and inappropriate indulging ruins our culture and brings a bad name to an amazing industry that we want to enjoy together for years to come. We are asking for your support in drinking Clique Vodka intelligently and Don Pantaleon Tequila dubiously this holiday season.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (CEO)

New State Expansions

Fall has arrived and so has the first growth stage in the pursuit of corporate excellence for our company. There are many great triumphs to recognize and our organization prides itself on the passionate performance of our team. Expansion of our foothold is the current key to sustainability and remains our biggest focus. Shifts in the liquor industry and new developments with debt financing through strategic legal structure alliances and funding partners out of Colorado have led us to developing new programs that rush the time line for new markets.

We have had many offers from out of state distributors and broker relationships are being molded. Pennsylvania store locations carrying Clique Vodka rise to over 300 state-wide. Growth of Don Pantaleon is building, proving to be a crowd pleaser with amazing taste boasting incredible value. Sales increase as state expansions continue. West Virginia opens its doors to our fine products. Tennessee sales are growing dramatically and we are proud of our wonderful relationships with our new wholesaler. Ohio will be ready soon. New York and Florida relationships are coming together. Our travels to the West coast open the doors to Nevada and California, which will be our next targets.

As our team prepares for the unveiling of our new national marketing campaign, we feel that our stockholders can feel strong and proud to be involved in such a creative organization with great cultural structure and foundation

As the CEO of our company, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with a fine team with such solid brands that we stand behind. We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support in our rise and expansion. We encourage you to reach out to us and engage yourself in our movement in any way. We welcome your interaction as a corporately and socially responsible company. As I always do, I’d like to end by reminding everyone that drinking can be dangerous when done irresponsibly. This business can be fun and enjoyable with maturity and understanding. Enjoy the changes of fall and remember to Clique intelligently and drink Don dubiously.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (

Spring Changes

Spring is arriving and just like the changing of the seasons, many things in Premier are changing. The growth stage is apparent and business is in a whirlwind, as I always say. Our team gives their best not to get caught up in it. March was full of events and we experienced significant sales department growth and discovery. April brings travels to Eastern Europe and new innovations in packaging and international relationships are being cultivated. The new product for Clique Vodka will be on its way and we look forward to its new facelift. We encourage you as our visiting, new, and existing customers, friends and supporters, to enjoy our products and events. We invite you to look for us and inquire no matter where you are in the US. We are quickly expanding our footprint into promising new state markets and are constantly looking for our next hot spot.

The spirits business is an ever-changing industry and we promise to be on top of the trends. We want you to remember that our major focus continues to be providing great value with our products and services.

As always, I want to thank everyone for your support and your acknowledgement of our fine project and remind you all to drink Don dubiously and Clique intelligently during your spring relaxation libations.

Yours In Success,
Noah Cohen (

Clique Vodka Launches New Interactive Bottle Design and Responsible Drinking iPhone App

Pittsburgh, PA (April 22, 2011)Clique Vodka got a face-lift, a very interactive and technical one to be exact. It is the first liquor bottle in Pennsylvania to have a QR code and promotional text code on its label. The liquor industry, among numerous other industries, is rapidly changing to meet the social media, instant update-type society we’ve all grown accustom to. With the QR code technology on the back label, you are instantly directed to Clique Vodka’s mobile website, powered by SongWhale. It includes links to their Facebook Fan page, which currently has over 7,100 followers, their Twitter feed, which currently has over 3,300 followers, and a link to their custom-made iPhone App DrinkyPal.

The idea of DrinkyPal was to offer a free nationwide app to our consumers to help promote our ‘Clique Intelligently‘ campaign. This campaign was designed to promote responsible consumption and awareness”, said Pat Hanavan, Vice President of Social Media and Brand Management. The DrinkyPal app lets users pull up a list of the nearest taxi companies and the nearest list of hotels to help prevent drinking and driving. This iPhone app is available nationwide and works based off of the iPhone’s GPS system. DrinkyPal is available in the Apple iTunes Store for free, as well as a link from the scanned QR Code on the back of our bottles. “Being in the liquor business, it is our company’s biggest goal to stand out by accomplishing outstanding corporate and social responsibility. We are so proud of our branding department for putting together an application with cutting edge technology towards better safety against the potentially dangerous effects of alcohol consumption” stated Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations Group.

You can find Clique Vodka’s new interactive bottle in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. The DrinkyPal iPhone App is available nationwide.

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About Premier Innovations Group

Premier Innovations Group is a multi-faceted alcoholic beverage importing Umbrella Corporation that develops internal private label brands while penetrating markets with in- house fusion of viral event-driven entertainment, art and design.  Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, development and logistics with full importing and exporting services.  Premier also provides these services to other companies that have or wish to develop brands that don’t compete with Premiers existing or future brands.