Springing Ahead: Holiday Greetings From Premier Innovations Group

At Premier Innovations Group, we would like to sincerely wish everyone a happy spring holiday. We hope that many of you enjoyed our products responsibly over the time of rest and relaxation. The making of quality alcoholic brands with incredible value remains a clear focus for us. It is one of the main driving forces that lead us on our path towards better exposure and the pursuit of worldwide market expansion. The Premier team is the enabler of this vehicle that is fueled by exceptional team performance and individual greatness that brings amazing new marketing programs, cutting edge imagery and sales and social media breakthroughs.

I took the time during my travels to our production facilities in eastern Europe to read through magazines looking for airline CEO messages, and I realized how special our company is. The usual mundane messages of tiny quarter growth and how focused they are on you the customer is standard. These are rarely very exciting or groundbreaking to the customers, team or the investors that have a role in the success of their model.

Here at Premier, that description could not be further from where we are at this time. A few months ago we planted the seed of a vision to change the game in our business and perhaps change the world and the norm for vodka drinkers. This vision was an executive decision to pursue one more packaging change to the face of our main product, Clique Vodka. It was one step back to take two steps forward as I always say. Now that the puzzle pieces are coming together I could not be more optimistic of this decision and the outcomes that are soon to follow. Although we are adapting and changing with the market needs, we never jeopardize the culture and pursuit of our initial vision.

It is impossible to ignore the dramatic growth of our company. Our partnership with Total Wine & More® that will allow a 20-state expansion, and the developing partner relationships with brokers and distributors in Dubai, India and Puerto Rico are all coming together. The amazing thing is that we haven’t even started selling actively to distributors and the demand is heavy. These new contacts have reached out to us in pursuit of our relationship and for our products. We feel this is a testament to the strong vision and branding concepts of our products, transparent programs and an incredible team of driven individuals.

As our new and old partners await the packaging change with excitement, the vision to launch within over 20 states and three countries is becoming more realistic every day. The new marketing campaign is being developed and we have had unprecedented monthly growth of consumer recognition leading to new customers. Our relationships with national celebrities that have interest in our brands and services to build private labels have been a dramatic part of the landscape in the last few months. The agreement with a new celebrity ambassador is near and we are optimistic about the brand being a great fit for the first face of Clique Vodka.

Investment into Clique Vodka Limited is coming along smoothly and the relationships with our manufacturing partners are strong and optimistic. Everyday our knowledge of the importing process and global relationships with alcohol component factories around the world grows stronger.

We want to thank everyone for the kind support and interests. With our business being in the growth stage, every supporter, consumer and contributor means so much towards our success. We are grateful and humbled to have you as part of our ongoing commitment towards corporate excellence. I want to remind everyone that with alcohol comes the need for balance of fun and responsibility. As always, I want to remind you to Clique intelligently and drink Don dubiously.


Sharing in success,
Noah Cohen

2012 Looking Ahead

The chaos of the holidays is long over and we are settled back in to performance without interruption. Here at Premier Innovations Group we hope everyone had an amazing holiday and that resolutions for personal and corporate betterment have kicked into gear for the New Year.

For Premier, 2012 is a year of great opportunity coupled with dramatic growth that is only apparent in a business that is having an extremely successful infancy. The success we have seen is attributed to a team of performers starting to work smarter together to critically think and solve problems empowered as one entity moving into our second true fiscal year. As we continue to grow together on a path to corporate transparency and excellence, we’d like to update our supporters’, followers’, and investors’ as frequently as possible on some of the largest milestones and significant happenings.

Financially, the last quarter of 2011 set the precedence with more gross sales than in the first entire 9 months of the year. The 2012 financial spotlight will boast dramatic growth penetrating over 13 new markets for Clique Vodka as we enter our new partnership with Total Wine and Spirits. They are one of the largest private retailers of liquor in the country. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with the Total Group.

Internally, the continuous growth of our existing markets continues. We are proud to see Ohio stores receive product and significant planning of the launch is occurring. In Pennsylvania, sales are climbing and the Philadelphia expansion is moving along well. We are diverting efforts to putting more troops on the ground in West Virginia and our Tennessee wholesaling company Saachi Imports is getting ready for another large delivery of Clique Vodka.

Looking ahead, the next few months for Premier are explosive. We are in negotiations with several celebrity brand ambassadors for Clique Vodka and exploring the launch of a new value priced tequila. For our current tequila, Don Pantaleon Tequila, changes are in the works as we have exciting ideas to push product west to explore markets that have heavy sales of tequila in the well division.

Packaging improvements to our existing brands, new relationships, and new products are all on the horizon for 2012. We want to thank all of the new contributors toward investment of time and money into our project. As always, I would like to thank our customers that drive our business and as we finish the winter remind everyone to be careful and responsible when enjoying winter libations with our products.


Sharing In Success,

Noah Cohen