Premier Innovations Group

Our team is always growing.  Each member of Premier Innovations Group prides themselves on building toward a bigger picture, and helping others to do the same. We possess a unique set of skills that allow us to take on projects of all scopes and visions.


Mr. Cohen, an entrepreneur with over 17 years experience in start-up development, founded Premier Innovations Group in 2007 by developing a team of experts to compliment his sales and relationship driven style. Mr. Cohen assembled the Premier team and developed a master umbrella wine and spirits company fostering vast global relationships for all aspects of alcoholic beverage development. This strategy allowed Premier Innovations Group to move all brand development in-house, enabling the company to quickly grow brand awareness and market share with their private label beverage brands and clients. Mr. Cohen currently runs the day-to-day operations and oversees Premier’s core team of officers while building strong worldwide relationships and connecting people to help them achieve their passion.

Noah Cohen

As a master of marketing and brand development with over 10 years experience in the wine and spirits industry, Frank Bachurski leads the way as Premier’s Vice President. Premier acquired Frank’s marketing agency Faded Industry Entertainment in 2007 and brought him on as VP. Mr. Bachurski is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of Premier related operations while consulting with all sectors of the business. Some of Mr. Bachurski’s direct focuses include brand building, design, sales, marketing strategies, social media, and public relations. With a combination of leadership, creativity, & unrelenting drive Frank is pushing Premier to the forefront of the industry.

Frank Bachurski

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